New Energy Hubs Emerge in the Shale Oil and Gas Supply Chain

Innovation in location trends was clear early on in the shale gas phenomenon. In this piece from March, 2012, Charlotte Batson describes the reversal of a decades-old location trend in the oil industry, stimulated by the abundance of shale gas. This trend would go on to impact many communities in a substantive way.

Move over, Houston. Proximity to shale oil and gas deposits is behind a flurry of recent investments from leading equipment suppliers in regional centers around the U.S.

After the downturn in the oil industry of 1986, which sent occupancy rates in downtown Houston to 10 percent, oil companies and their suppliers closed many offices around the U.S. They have since concentrated their facilities, operations, and functions of all types in a few locations, chiefly Houston. But, after more than 25 years, this trend is reversing to fulfill the tremendous potential of shale oil and gas. Read more.

Image credit: EIA