Batson & Company, LLC possesses world class subject matter expertise on the oil and gas industry, including oilfield innovation, vendor marketing, continuous improvement and community preparedness in the “new normal” of lower oil prices. We market new technologies and solutions to industrial customers to help them stay on the cutting edge and remain profitable in spite of challenging market conditions.
Charlotte Batson, photo by Michael Allen
Charlotte Batson, Owner and Principal of Batson & Company, is a petroleum engineer and internationally-recognized expert on the oil industry and the principles of continuous improvement. During her work as a reservoir engineer, Ms. Batson managed offshore GOM oil and gas fields and performed Federal offshore lease evaluations for Tenneco Oil Company (TOC). Special studies for TOC included measuring drilling contractor efficiency and forecasting the GOM mobile rig market for the transition to area-wide Federal offshore lease sales. At Georgia Tech, she had the opportunity to study and apply the principles of continuous improvement under Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Ms. Batson brought the phenomenon of unconventional oil and gas to the attention of the site selection community in a ground-breaking series of articles beginning in 2009 and is well-published on the subject. She is frequently requested to speak and welcomes your invitation. Ms. Batson earned a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana State University in 1980 and an MS degree in Management from Georgia Tech in 1992 (view and download resume). Contact us to learn more and connect with Charlotte on LinkedIn.

Photo credits: Michael Allen, Amber Lombardo (slider)